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Product, Place, Promotion

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As a Small Business Owner it’s my responsibility to tailor my product for my clients, to ensure that it fits within the standards I want to portray and the pricing structure relevant to the client/customer that I am attracting.
This product has a place in the market which is again relevant to my potential audience, (no point selling car boot items at Harrods prices!) and each product has a place in my ‘store’ , in my case my website but it could be a physical shop, restaurant, market stall or shared space.
We all know the benefits of having an Impulse Buy close to the tills and of having products that you can ‘upsell’ when you know the requirements of the purchaser and can match them to their desires.
Promotion takes in all elements of the press & magazines, the radio, the internet, word of mouth, leaflets, business cards and more importantly, us, the Business owners and our responsibility for our own success by telling everyone what our product is, even our best friends because it is so easy to assume that people know what we do.
I saw a comment on Twitter before Christmas where a retailer had said ‘100’s of people walk by my shop everyday’
I have to ask the question of why they walk by and not enter.  Did they not know what the retailer sold? Why not? Had the product been promoted well? Or did the retailer not use the tools available to promote the business and product? Or was the retailer so involved in the negative aspect of people walking by, the cost of heat & light, cars parking all day in the street etc that they did not show the world what they sold?
If people don’t know what we have to offer they’re not going to be coming to us for it!!!!!!


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Time Management & Blogging

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Recently time has been a little limited and one of the things that has gone by the wayside has been this Blog

This is something that I will be putting to rights in the future as I am acutely aware of the benefits of blogging for business and raising awareness of the work of The Rural Meeting Place.

Using a Blog, promoting it through Facebook and Twitter as well as LinkedIn and your website can show potential clients the range of your knowledge and expertise.

With a range of consultants and business advisors in the market place it is essential to show the world what you are capable of and the approach that you take to business. I know this is the same in all professions; so show your knowledge and pen a few words on a regular basis to help promote your business.

So, I apologise for my tardiness and promise to resume blogging regularly about the A-Z of promoting your business and many other random business thoughts that come to mind.

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K is for: – Keep Talking & K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple Stupid)

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Keep Talking… to everyone about your business, how you can help and above all else to remind people that you are still here.

Clients/Customers will welcome a quick call, e-mail or letter from you as a reminder that you are still operating. Fitting in with the 80/20 rule this could be your lucky contact. For sales people it is important to remember that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers.

When was the last time you picked up the phone to your best and your worst customers? A quick courtesy call will bring you to the forefront of their minds and wouldn’t it be great if that call ended up with an order?

You could even be brave and ask them if they know of anyone else who would be interested in your product or service… you don’t get if you don’t ask!

K.I.S.S or as we call it in a sales environment Keep It Simple Stupid… So many people are tempted to go chapter and verse on a product or service with features, benefits, pain relief etc etc (In other words everything they have heard other people talking about) and overloading the prospect who walks away not really knowing what you were there for. Sometimes this can result in you losing a ‘sale’ because you have actually talked them out of buying or even missed the signal to buy.

I find a quick overview chat is good and then asking questions and allowing the prospect to ask questions that you can then answer using the knowledge that you have stored.

I remind you of an occasion that many people have heard about when I was working with a company and we were looking for sponsorship. The poor Commercial Manager was up against the wall, needing sponsorship, and spent half the day giving chapter and verse to answerphone machines and wondering why these people were not calling him back or not available to take his call. What would you have done in their position?

It demonstrates that you only need to give enough information to whet the appetite and then you get the second chance to go in for the sale but if you give everything in the first place, the brain overloads and they then have the opportunity of not taking your call and having to say no! Resulting in you getting despondent and the prospect being wary of speaking to you at any time.

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J is for Journal (Blog)

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This is another way of showing your knowledge and encouraging people to use you and/or your business. It is also another place to keep information that you do not necessarily want to put in your website content, whether this is because of the volume of information that you have compiled or because they are your thoughts and do not necessarily reflect the view of your Company. If this is the case please make sure that you show this somewhere prominent in the Journal/Blog

This is also a way of showing your expertise in a your specific area of expertise and can help potential customers/clients make up their mind about using your business for their specific needs.

Have you got Ten Top Tips that you can share? Do you have a view on new industry news that you can share with your readers?

All of this is information that your readers will be interested in hearing and will make you stand out from your competitors.

You can also link it back to pages on your website to show more information etc and thus increasing the the chances of your potential viewers finding more out about your Business.

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I is for Information

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Everybody likes to think that they have learned something from you for free so give some information to show that you know what you are talking about but do not be tempted to give too much away as you will always be looked upon as the one to go to for advice without payment. Learn to know when to say ‘OK shall we formalise this and put a date in the diary when we can talk about rates/fees’

Always have information available for your prospective clients/customers. This can be in any format but should be available to hand over if requested or suitable. If its on your website, ensure that its up to date and relevant.

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Welcome to the Blog for The Rural Meeting Place.

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Who are we? a networking organisation offering something different to South Shropshire Business, North Herefordshire Business and North Worcestershire Business by way of convivial meetings in these areas with the aim of doing good business and increasing members profiles.

Why is the Rural Meeting Place Blogging?

To promote the benefits of networking in a rural environment and to periodically showcase some of our members. But more importantly to have fun.

Who will read this?

Members of the Rural Meeting Place and anyone else who cares to join us and develop this arena.

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Benefits of being a Member of the Rural Meeting Place

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One of the benefits of being a paid up Member of the Rural Meeting Place is to supply content for this Blog area. If you are a member and would like to send me something to put here please do. I am looking for material that will make people aware of you and what you do and that will add value, so some interesting Industry news would be good, info on how you can help readers ease their business pains is definitely of interest as would be news of any Industry awards that you have won or are in the running for will be of interest. Promote yourself and your business through this Blog area. If you have something to tell but do not want to write it let me know and I will put it together for you.

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Starting blogging.

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Well, I’ve got this far, even though it took a lot longer than 5 minutes!

I have ideas in my head about what I want to achieve with this but I am realistic enough to appreciate that it is not going to happen overnight, however I shall start by talking about marketing and advertising and from time to time I shall probably be showcasing some of our members and their achievements.

I shall be using the parameters of ‘if it feels right do it’ and hopefully you will feel the same.

Now that I have reached this point I have a feeling that the next steps will become easier so will have a think about the next blog and come back soon.

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